The Part-time Conservatory is designed to give students with busy schedules the opportunity to study and build a foundation in the Atlantic Technique and philosophy.

Contact Steven Chinni to get started and put together an individualized program from our workshop offerings that helps you take your training and career to the next level. Receive a $50 discount for registering for multiple classes per semester. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to register and hold a spot for each class. Our current part-time classes include:

Exclusive Lab Intensive with Atlantic Theater Company’s Artistic Director Neil Pepe
Intro Vocal Workshop with Katie Bull
Ongoing Class Vocal Workshop with Katie Bull

ATLANTIC THEATER’S ARTISTIC DIRECTOR NEIL PEPE offers an exclusive Lab Intensive for the Actors

Spring 2014 April/May Weekend Dates To Be Announced
Fridays 6:30-10:30 PM and Saturdays 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuition: $495
Limited to 10 actors – Audition required.

This Lab Intensive is for the serious actor with prior training and performance experience who is ready to bring their work to the director’s eye and explore in a lab setting the creative process with a professional director. Weekend will include a review of your taped audition by Casting Director Todd Thaler who will cast participants in their roles with Director Neil Pepe.

Be cast in your part by Casting Director Todd Thaler
Experience a table read with your Directors
Receive expert feedback in a Casting Workshop with Todd Thaler
Increase your skills in an intensive lab rehearsal with Neil Pepe
Includes a guest Q&A class with Industry professional

“Meet & Greet”, Table Read with Directors Neil and Todd and Casting Workshop with Todd Thaler

Rehearsal & Lab Intensive with Neil Pepe. Day culminates with a Guest Class with Leading Industry professional.


This vocal workshop is about vocal power, audibility, and expression; moment to moment breath that manifests spontaneous vocal impulse and range; communication in present moment; vocal health; and vocal support for articulation that is rooted in the whole body. Students learn the 24 core exercises of a vocal production warm up sequence that is developmentally based, and organic. This sequence can evolve over time to be customized and adapted for each unique vocal body. The exercises, in turn, can be applied to text — and acting can become a fully physical art. Katie Bull is the founder of Whole Body Voice (c), a whole body approach to vocal production for the speaking voice. Katie trained with the renowned vocal coach Chuck Jones and collaborated with him until his passing.

Spring 2014 8-week Session
March 27 – May 15; Thursdays 6:30-8:00 PM
Tuition: $350


Requires previous training with Katie Bull or other Atlantic instructors and colleagues. Ongoing Class/Mixed Levels. Vocal Workshop students continue to explore and refine the Jones-rooted vocal warm up practice with greater detail. Specificity of awareness and self coaching approaches rooted in the use of gravity, help actors to find support muscles, and to trust the released voice. Students will be cast in and embark on an exploration of an original play with Katie facilitating scenes from a vocal production integration point of view. The class will culminate in a read through. This is a field rehearsal format. The present moment is explored as an aspect of vocal production breathing. Some introductory principals of a compatible vocal technique – the Fitzmaurice Technique (c) – are taught to expand the actor’s options for self coaching.

Winter 2014 8-week Session
February 11- April 8 (No class March 18)
Tuition: $350