The Evening Conservatory provides concentrated, rigorous training in the Atlantic Technique for the working actor. This three semester program includes classes in Script Analysis, Performance Technique, Moment Lab, Improvisation, Voice, Speech, Viewpoints and Suzuki, Acting for the Camera, Business, and production rehearsals. The third semester culminates with a performance opportunity in one-act plays for an invited audience. Successful completion of all three semesters allows the graduate to be eligible for the LA Conservatory program. An audition is required to attend the Evening Conservatory.

Fall 2014: September 29 – December 4 (No Class October 13 & 14, November 26 & 27)
Spring 2015: January 26 – April 9 (No Class February 16, March 16 – March 22)
Summer 2015: May 26 – July 30

16 hours per week – Monday through Thursday (6:45 pm to 10:30 pm)
Tuition: $12,000



THE FIRST SEMESTER provides a concentrated focus on the beginning foundation work of the Atlantic Technique. Emphasizing script analysis, playing an action truthfully, working moment to moment, students begin to develop new work habits. Students learn the basics of vocal production, speech and movement technique.

THE SECOND SEMESTER solidifies the students’ understanding of script analysis and begins to encourage integration of emerging skills. Students will perform an exploration on Private Life, which is a structured improvisation that they write, research and perform. The semester culminates in a final workshop performance.

THE THIRD SEMESTER challenges the student to apply their training under the pressures of performance. This semester includes advanced scene study, an ensemble performance project and an introduction to the business.